WARDing Off Busyness

img_0100Life is always so busy! The To Do List never seems to be totally checked off.  Who has time to take a day off anyhow. I don’t know about you but sometimes I want to ignore my Planner just for a little while so I can get a break from all the items that need to get finished today. Wonder if God could add a 25th hour to the day to help us out?

So what is one to do?  Is it possible to slow down at some point, somehow?

I think so. There must be a way to take the time and rest, to have a Sabbath.  Work, busyness cannot be all there is in life.

Towards the end of last year I took some time to see what gives me energy.  I asked myself what did I like to do in my spare time.  How would I spend the ‘perfect day’? There is it was, four things I love to do, things that refresh me when life can get stressful.


Hence WARD was formed.  For me, spending time in each of these 4 areas is refreshing. It is like plugging myself into a wall socket getting my batteries recharged.  At some point each day I spend time with each one.  Whether it is writing in my journal or another blog.  Or going for a run with Puppy or a bike ride with friends.  Or finishing the library book or starting a new one.  Or sitting quietly with my Bible listening to the Holy Spirit.

What gives you energy?  Doodling? Sewing? Crafting? Playing sports? Woodworking? When can you make the time to recharge your batteries each day?

Life can be super busy and before we know it time has flown by.  Without making the time to enjoy ourselves with friends and family, recharging our batteries. I challenge you to make a list of 2-3 things you love doing and find time each day to do them.  It can be as little as 30 minutes but it will be a rest-filled 30 minutes.

Since starting to WARD off the busyness of life I have found more contentment.  Oh, don’t worry the stress of life is still there.  Worry still tries to creep in. But I am able to stave it off better, more consistently. My journals are filling up nicely.  The pile of books I’ve been meaning to read is getting worked through.  My run times are getting faster in pace (and Puppy is excited each day to go out). The Holy Spirit is teaching me pretty cool things about myself and faith.

What are your 2-3 things which recharge your batteries?

When during the day can you put them on the schedule?

Beginning to feel recharged?

Author: resolvedministry

A network of missional communities resolved by Jesus Christ to be resolved to serve & share Him

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