The Humble Towel of Service

towel-picThe glorious towel.  It is so handy.  Ready to mop up messes.  It wipes away the dirt & helps make things clean again.  It is not always pretty after using it but it does get the job done. And we all have that one dingy towel.  It came in handy whenever we needed it.

Serving is not always glamorous. At times we are asked to do messy things without any fanfare. To meet someone where he is at and serve him in love with our actions. A thank-you may not be verbal but it is felt.

Jesus Christ is the perfect example of true servanthood.  He cared for all people regardless of social standing, economics, or cultural differences.  He showed His love for people with His actions.

One such example is His last night with the disciples, His closest circle of friends.

The thirteen men sat down together to celebrate the Passover meal one last time.  This meal is a highlight in the Jewish year.  It commemorated the night their ancestors left their enslavement by the Egyptians and began the long journey to the Promised Land.

Before eating any meal it was customary for one of the servants, usually the lowest, would wash everyone’s feet.  Smelly, dirty feet.  Feet that probably walked many miles that day in dirt and grime and whatever else was on the paths.  This was a job no one wanted to do.

As Jesus saw the task was not getting done He got up, grabbed a towel & basin and washed everyone’s feet.  Keep in mind this is immediately before He is to be arrested and killed.   He understood the gravity of the night and willingly served all at the table.  Instead of expecting the disciples to serve Him He set the example and humbly served each one of them.

Jesus humbly served with His whole life.  He is the Son of God and yet He came to earth as a baby, lived a full human life and then died a painful death because He loves all people. He cleaned up our mess of sin. He bore our stains.

Humility is required to serve one another.  One cannot be proud while serving another.  The focus switches from the one being served to the servant. To boast about how great one was in serving is a false humility. It is a veiled sense of pride.

Humility can never be fully attained.  One can only continue to pursue it. Serving others is a discipline that helps teach all of us about love in action and humility.

The life of a disciple of Jesus Christ is an active learning practice that moves faith from one of head knowledge, knowing about Jesus, to one of heart knowledge, knowing Jesus personally.

A disciple of Jesus Christ strives to live and serve as Jesus lived and served all people.  Each day is an object lesson taught to us by Jesus Himself.  We learn from His example and then practice it in our own lives.

This Week’s Challenge

Reach out to a friend/co-worker/neighbor this week.  Write a note. Bake some cookies. Buy them coffee. Go for a walk. Show them you care through your action

Author: resolvedministry

A network of missional communities resolved by Jesus Christ to be resolved to serve & share Him

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