Take the Polar Plunge

Have you ever done a Polar Plunge? Now I must admit I do not speak from experience but it does strike me as an all or nothing type of thing.  There seems to be no middle ground. You have to plunge right in.  No toe dipping.  All or nothing.  A person may hesitate at first but once the decision is made, you just go for it.

From the perspective of the bundled up person standing on the shoreline it doesn’t make sense. Why would any sane, logical person want to wear a swimsuit and fully dive into freezing cold water?  Water so cold they had to cut a hole through the ice just so you can complete the plunge. It all sounds crazy if you ask me.

Being a disciple of Jesus Christ is similar to a Polar Plunge. It doesn’t make sense from a worldly perspective. It impacts every aspect of one’s life. There is no halfway. A disciple is not one who goes to church on Sunday and the remainder of one’s week is completely separate.

When Jesus began His preaching ministry He told people they needed to repent.  In our post-modern world the word ‘repent’ sounds so judgmental, so mean. But when Jesus was alive the word repent meant to change so completely so one’s whole life is refocused on God. It was a total change in attitude, in perspective.

Taking the plunge in becoming a disciple requires this complete repentance.  An individual is not capable of serving two different masters.  The split loyalty will cause the person to choose one over the other at some point. Turning away from the world and submitting to Jesus Christ is repentance. It is an act of reversing one’s course and going in a different direction.

Think of being a disciple as like being an apprentice.  An apprentice learns from the master not only the skills necessary in a particular craft but also how to live the lifestyle necessary to be successful.  A follower of Jesus Christ is His apprentice. She lives life as Jesus would live life. Sharing the Gospel message through her words and actions.

An apprentice of Jesus Christ dives right in fully where every aspect of her life is changed. In her career. With friends and family. In her neighborhood. How she spends her finances. She takes the Polar Plunge with the Holy Spirit by her side. She is all in.

You may be beginning your apprenticeship with Jesus Christ. If so, congrats!  You may have been learning at His feet for many years on. If so, good job. Regardless of how long you have been following Jesus Christ there are still areas each one of us can repent, change our attitude.  Whatever it may be, may this change bring joy and draw you closer to Him.

This Week’s Challenge:

A) What is Jesus calling you to repent of, change your attitude?

What is an area of your life that needs to change so you can grow closer to Him?

B) List 2 things you can do differently to reflect this change, repentance.

Author: resolvedministry

A network of missional communities resolved by Jesus Christ to be resolved to serve & share Him

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