Multiplying Mentorship

Moses is considered to be the greatest leader of Israel.  He led them out of slavery in Egypt, through the Wilderness for 40 years and right up to the Promised Land.  He spoke for God to them and them to God.  He prayed for them when God was upset with them.  He was a strong leader who strove to always do the best for the people of Israel.

One aspect of his leadership that can go unnoticed by some is his mentorship of Joshua.  Joshua followed Moses in leading Israel after Moses’ death.  He brought them into the Promised Land conquering their enemies.  He was able to do this as God called him to be the leader because Moses mentored Joshua and showed him how to be a leader.

Joshua walked beside Moses as the people went through the Wilderness.  He saw how Moses made decisions, gathered the people, spent time alone with God to hear what His Will is for Israel.  He was Moses’ apprentice, learning the how-tos & life of a leader.

The life of a disciple of Jesus Christ is one of being an apprentice of Jesus Christ.  The disciple learns how to live his/her life as Jesus would have lived His life. Walking in the footsteps of Jesus to become more like Him. Learning at the feet of the Master and hearing directly from Him how to live the life of a disciple.

Before Jesus went up into heaven He directed the disciples to go and make more disciples just as He taught them.  There is a cyclical aspect to the church multiply itself into the next generation of believers.

As Moses brought along Joshua to learn from him on how to lead Israel and as Jesus modeled for the disciples the life of a disciple by His own life we are to model for others how to be a disciple and lead others. Sharing what we have learned and experienced so someone else can grow in his/her own discipleship.

Think back on your own faith journey.

Who showed you how to live the life of a disciple?

Who did you look up to and admired in how s/he lived life as a disciple of Jesus Christ?

Now think in terms of multiplying the Church.

Who has God brought into your life that you can be a mentor & model the life of a disciple?

What are some ways you can teach him/her in living the authentic Christian life?

The Church continues on into future generations through each disciple sharing his/her faith story and modeling the life of a disciple to others.

Be not afraid. Just be you.  Share your story.

This Week’s Challenge

A) Think of someone who you respect in how s/he lives the life of a disciple.  Schedule a time to meet together and learn from him/her about the life of a disciple.

B) Pray for God to show you who He has placed in your life to be a model of the life of a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Author: resolvedministry

A network of missional communities resolved by Jesus Christ to be resolved to serve & share Him

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