Listening with Our Ears & Eyes

I don’t know if you have noticed this before but the human face has two ears and one mouth. Isn’t it interesting?

I’m sure this is not a coincidence either.  God knew what He was doing when He made that decision.

So, what does it mean in our lives then?  Is it for a visual balance on the face?  God needed to put something on the sides of our faces so He gave us two ears?  I have a feeling He had a purpose in giving us 2 ears and 1 mouth.

2 Ears, 1 Mouth = 2X Listening then Speaking

If we have two ears and one mouth it would appear God would desire for us to listen twice as much as we speak.  Perhaps through listening to another person we learn more about them.

Listen to Learn NOT Listen to Reply.

Imagine if we listen to each other with more of a desire to listen and learn from the other person then to listen to respond with our own stories or perspectives.  Imagine the tight bonds of community that would be formed from listening to learn.

How many times in conversations do we miss what each other is thinking about what we would want to say next instead of waiting for our turn to speak?  How many arguments could be avoided if we each took a moment to listen to learn and not listen to reply?

As disciples of Jesus Christ we should strive to listen to learn.  It’s not always easy.  It is tempting to jump in excitedly and share a thought or a story.  To inadvertently cut the person off and say what we want to say in that moment.  It’s not meant to be rude. It comes from excitement.

When people came to Jesus He listened to them.  He heard their heart and met their real needs, whether they were aware of it before speaking with Him or not.  By waiting to respond and listening to learn He was able to “hear” the non-verbal communication.

Studies have shown that only 7% of communication is the actual words spoken. It is important to hear the nonverbal communication.  What is the context of the conversation, the environment the relationships? What other factors need to be considered that would influence the conversation? Do the words spoken match the tone in which they are said in?

By taking the time to better understand the nonverbal communication the disciple of Jesus Christ is better enabled to serve his/her neighbor and meet his/her actual needs. May we be resolved this week to listen and learn, to hear our neighbor and be empowered by the Holy Spirit to serve our neighbor.

This Week’s Challenge:

As you converse with people this week try to listen 2X more then you speak. What is the nonverbal communication saying to you? How can you truly serve him/her?

Author: resolvedministry

A network of missional communities resolved by Jesus Christ to be resolved to serve & share Him

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