Sharing Your Story

Living the missional life focuses on building relationships and living out one’s faith everyday in every day actions. But there is always a time where a disciple needs to tell the story of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. One will share the story through words with a friend.

Stories are powerful.  They connect the listener with the storyteller. It is a shared experience between the two in a moment of time.

Telling the story of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is more about sharing your story with Him.  It is a witness to your own experiences with the Messiah. The journey you have been on.  The highs and lows of life and how you have relied on the One Who has been there through it all.  Telling how you have been changed by the Holy Spirit.

One of my favorite question to ask fellow disciples as I begin to get to know them is “Why do you love Jesus?” It is not a deep theological question of a person’s stance on the sacraments or the end times.  It rather focuses on a person’s own experience with the Savior of the world.

Let me ask you: “Why do you love Jesus?”

What have you experienced with Him?  The lessons learned (or still learning)?  The times He was the Calm in the midst of a storm in your life?

Sharing the your story with Jesus Christ is the 4th missional life habit. It is the one missional habit where you share about yourself.  Up to this point the focus has been on the other person by being present, listening & learning, serving him/her.  Now you have earned the right to share you story.

It is not a telling of the Gospel that appears to be judgmental as some non-believers may have experienced previously with other Christians. It is a telling of what you have witnessed with Jesus Christ personally.  It is a telling of how you have been changed as an individual and how your life has been impacted by it.  The relationship is most likely at a point where the other person has seen you living your life to know the words you are speaking now are true.

Sharing your story can seem scary.  What if the other person doesn’t want to hear it?  What if s/he asks a question about the Bible I can’t answer?

Have no fear.  I still am asked questions that I’m not sure of the answer of immediately.  It is a great opportunity to learn and gain a new insight into God together. If God is calling you to share you story with the person in front of you then you know the Holy Spirit is empowering you to do so and giving you the words to say.

Speak from you heart your story.  Share how you have become resolved to serve and share Jesus Christ with others.

This Week’s Challenge:

Reflect on your journey with Jesus Christ thus far.  Write down how you would answer the question: Why do you love Jesus?

Who is God placing on your heart to share the story with this week?

Author: resolvedministry

A network of missional communities resolved by Jesus Christ to be resolved to serve & share Him

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