The Question We All Will Answer

I cannot exactly remember when I met my best friend. There was not a specific event where we met, instantly connected and knew we would be best friends forever.  Our friendship found its beginnings in a more subtle way. We hung out in the same circle of friends and over time, slowly but surely we became best friends.

We have been friends now for several years. Share experiences together. Been by each other’s side through thick and thin. Through it all our bond deepens.

It was similar experience with Jesus Christ. Growing up in the church we hung out together and over time we became best friends. I would not say there was one significant moment that solidified our relationship.  It grew gradually over time, deepening at different experiences. Each time Jesus stood by my side asking the same question, “Who do you say that I am?” (Mark 8:29)

Most people have heard the name Jesus Christ.  Some call Him Savior.  Others a wise man who lived thousands of years ago. Still others think He was a crazy guy who thought He was God.  Wherever you fall on that scale you have a general idea for yourself who Jesus Christ is.

Jesus is One Who loves unconditionally, whether we love Him back on or not. He walks beside us through thick and thin helping and caring for us every step of the way.  He waits for us to turn back to Him and journey with Him sharing the wonderful experiences in life.

One time while Jesus was teaching His disciples He asked them who do they think He was. Their answers came from what others were saying about Him. A reincarnation of a great prophet from Israel’s past, to His recently killed cousin to the long-awaited Messiah, Savior of the people. He did not care what others said He wanted to know they thought for themselves.

The same is true for us today.  It does not matter what our parents, spouses, friends say.  Jesus wants to hear from us directly. He longs for a personal relationship with us alone.  Another person’s faith cannot save us. Faith is non-transferable.  While one shares his/her faith story we all are called by God to have our own faith story.

The question that is front of each us — Who do you say Jesus is?

Is He some crazy dead guy who thought He was God?

Is He a wise man with good teachings?

Is He the Lord and Savior Who loves you unconditionally and wants to have a relationship with you alone?

We all will answer this question for ourselves one day. I pray as you seek the answer for yourself you listen to Jesus speak to you and hear how deep His love is for you.

Listen to one’s faith story. Read Jesus’ words in the Bible. Have the conversation with Him alone. May you answer for yourself, “You are the Christ, Son of the Living God.” (Mark 8:30)

This Week’s Challenge

Read the Gospel of Mark (only 16 chapters).  Ask a friend to share why s/he loves Jesus Christ.

Author: resolvedministry

A network of missional communities resolved by Jesus Christ to be resolved to serve & share Him

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