What is Faith, Anyway?

What is faith? How do you know faith when you see it?

The technical definition of faith:

“complete trust  or confidence in someone or something”

Each person has faith in something or someone. Trust in your car’s brakes to stop when you step on them. Confidence the floor won’t collapse out from under your feet. Trust that a loved one remains by your side through thick and thin.

Faith is an interesting thing. It is a living thing. It grows though shared experiences and wanes by non-use. It must be practiced in order to grow and continue to exist.

The Christian faith is not simply a religion. It is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It is learning to let go of yourself and embrace more of Him. A surrendering of the need to control. Letting God be God and placing ourselves second.

So how does one have faith in Jesus Christ?

It begins with sitting with Him and listening. Reading the Bible and learning from the Holy Spirit. Asking a disciple/student of Jesus Christ why s/he loves Jesus.

Faith in Jesus is similar to a muscle that needs to be practiced in order to grow and strengthen. One must take a courageous step to grow and learn about faith. Similar to trying something new. You are not sure what to expect but you are going to try anyway. Could be bad. Could be good. Who knows unless you try.

As you begin your faith journey try new things, ask questions, learn from others. Explore. Experience. Enjoy. Follow where the Holy Spirit leads. Be not afraid. Have every confidence that God is in complete control and will not steer you wrong.

You can have faith by trusting Jesus. You have faith when you humble yourself and follow Him. Faith will grow as you dare greatly and try new things as He leads you.

This Week’s Challenge

Try something new this week and trust God to protect you.

What is one thing you have been wanting to do but scared? Take the courageous step forward in faith and see what happens.

Author: resolvedministry

A network of missional communities resolved by Jesus Christ to be resolved to serve & share Him

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