Why Read the Bible?


Classic literature can be so boring to read. How did someone ever think this was really good? Moby Dick, anyone?  There must be some piece of entertainment to it if it has lasted over the decades, centuries or even millennia. People keep reading the classics and keep recommending them to read.

At times the Bible can be boring to read and appear to be irrelevant to modern day times. So why would one want to read it?

The Bible is more of a portable library then one book. It is comprised of 66 books written by different authors, to different audiences, in different styles over a couple thousand years in various languages. It has war stories, family drama, love affairs, political and religious upheaval, start of a new movement, unjust persecution, hope-filled love stories.  It has a little bit of everything for everyone.

A person would read the Bible to learn how to be in relationship with God the Father. In it one reads how much God loves us and never gives up on us. An individual will see through the stories that God works in and through people who have made mistakes and been cast aside by society. It gives hope, confidence to anyone who reads it. No one is too far away from God.

But how do you read the Bible?

First find one that feels comfortable for you to read.  There are many styles & translations that make it more approachable for anyone to read the Bible. There are also Bible apps you can download for free (YouVersion Bible app is a good one) to help you get started in reading the Bible.

It does seem scary at the start to read the Bible.  Fancy phrases.  Long lists of people. Rules. Poetry.

Where to begin?  Genesis? Matthew? Psalms? Acts? And much should one read at one time.

All are great questions.

I recommend people start with a Gospel (Matthew, Mark, Luke or John). Read as much as you want at a time. There is no set timetable to get it “done.” What is important is to read and listen to what God is teaching you.  Reading the Bible is not an academic experience. It is meant to be a time growing one’s relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Bible is how God communicates directly with us. It is the Word of God. It is timeless. It applies to every person in every context, culture.

When you read the Bible read to learn, to explore. Take time to process it. Whether it be by journalling, doodling, contemplating, running/biking/hiking, or whatever. Approach it as spending time with a friend and listening to his stories.

This Week’s Challenge

Pick a book of the Bible to read each day this week.  Read at your own pace. After each day’s reading spend time writing, doodling, thinking/praying, exercising, whatever to better understand what God is teaching you. Be surprised by what you learn.

Author: resolvedministry

A network of missional communities resolved by Jesus Christ to be resolved to serve & share Him

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