How Can You Hear God Speaking?


Us Christians have a habit of using the phrase “hear God speaking…” To someone who is not a follower of Jesus Christ it does sound a little strange.  How can one physically hear God speaking? How is it is possible to hear a person who is not even seen visibly?

What do Christians actually mean when they say they listen to the voice of God?

First things first, it is possible to physically hear the voice of God.  He does not very often audibly speak to a person but He has and does speak audibly to us.

More often God communicates with individuals through one’s reading of the Bible. It is the Word of God. It has been written down for all over the world to read and hear the voice of God. We hear directly from God each time we read it.

Have you ever gotten a gut feeling about something? You can’t explain it but you know it is the right choice?  That gut feeling is another way God speaks to us.  He uses the Holy Spirit to guide us along the pathway God has planned for each of us. It feels like an urge, push in a certain direction. A still small voice in one’s soul speaking the voice of God in a quiet manner.

A third way God speaks with us is through our fellow believers. Listening and learning from their experiences and perspectives can help one know where God is leading her. We hear the voices of our friends but it is the words of God that we are hearing. Praying directly to God helps us understand what He is saying to us.

One final way we hear God is the doors that open and the doors that close before us. The circumstances we can find ourselves in can be signs of how God is leading us. There are times things or opportunities that seem to fall right out of the sky into our laps. God guides us and brings us to places and people at just the right time so we can serve and share Him in all we do and say.

There are many different ways that God speaks to us. However loud or soft spoken He may be we need to slow down and fully listen to Him. It gets easier over time as we draw closer to Him in our relationship with Him. No matter what it requires humility to always be willing to listen and learn from our Father in Heaven Who loves us no matter what.

This Week’s Challenge

Take time this week to notice those moments you sense God talking to you.  What does God teach you when reading the Bible? What did a friend say to you that seemed like God was talking directly to you? What opportunity arose this week that could only be God orchestrating it? Write each moment down and see the common thread in them in what God is saying to you.

Author: resolvedministry

A network of missional communities resolved by Jesus Christ to be resolved to serve & share Him

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