I Am a Brewery Pastor

Hearing the call to ministry was a little bit different for me. It was clear God had equipped me to be a pastor but the location was not going to be a traditional congregation with all the comforts of pastoral leadership.

Nope.  Not for me.  God had something different planned for me.

Not only was He telling this conservative girl to be a pastor when she grew up without ever meeting a woman pastor but He had a ministry in mind for me that was out of the box.  So far out of the box you couldn’t even see that there was a box to begin with.  

Yup.  That was the dream God had for me.  To do something radically different for Him.

It all started as I was wrestling with the how of becoming a pastor.  While I was researching seminaries (Graduate schools for people called to be ministry leaders) I was hanging out at a local craft beer bar.  

Each Sunday after church I would go for lunch and relax a little bit after long week. Over time I made friends with people there. We shared life together on those bar stools.  

Slowly but surely the Holy Spirit worked on my heart to ask the question, “What about them?”  

See, my friends supported me through life just as I was supporting them.  They came on the random Sundays I was preaching (maybe once a year). They would not go to church on an average Sunday.  They each had their own reasons. Some did not fell welcomed or comfortable at a traditional church.  I became convicted to pray about how they would hear the Gospel and grow to become disciples of Jesus Christ. 

God presented me an opportunity on a metaphorical ‘silver platter’ in the form of a group project.  We were tasked to partner with a classmate and develop a plan of how we would start a new church.  My classmate and I chose to plan a new bar ministry.  It wasn’t just lead a worship service in a bar but to have full Christian community with those who frequent a bar and build relationships together.  From there the Gospel of Jesus Christ would be shared.

Over time the plan went from a class project to become my life’s passion.  I was resolved to leave it all behind to go serve and share all those I met with the Gospel.  I left my position at the church, became ordained and went out to be a brewery pastor.

It has been an amazing experience!!

The relationships built at the rail are incredible!  The conversations shared with others are authentic.  Over time they lead to life transformation.  I am humbled each day that God has placed me in this ministry to live the resolved disciple life amongst those who have not heard yet.  

I am a missionary sent by the Holy Spirit into bars and taprooms.  It is difficult at times to not be influenced by the world to remain a light in the darkness.  To be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.  But with a wonderful community of fellow disciples I know I am supported and encouraged to remain strong in my faith.  

ReSolved Ministry is the ministry God has called me to lead and share with others.  I invite others to join me in this incredible ministry.  Together we go out to build community and share the Gospel with others.  I blog stories from the ministry or encouragement of how to practically live the resolved disciple’s life.  

It is exciting to think about the day across the country and the world to see Bible & Brews groups in bars and taprooms centered on the Bible and authentic community.  To be able to partner with local congregations to initially form and support these groups is thrilling.  Nothing is impossible with God leading the way.

I am a brewery pastor. I get to lead God’s ministry in a different setting and see transformation on a regular basis.  I look forward to the day we get to meet in person and share stories together of what God is doing in and through us.  For now we have this space to share and learn from one another.

This Week’s Challenge: Share with a fellow resolved disciple a story of how God transformed you.  How did this transformation impact how you share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others?

Author: resolvedministry

A network of missional communities resolved by Jesus Christ to be resolved to serve & share Him

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