Daily Surrendering to God

How many times have you made a New Year’s Resolution and by January 15th or February 1st already forget it?

Once? Twice? Annually?

Don’t fret I have a feeling you are not the only one who may have broken a New Year’s resolution.

But seriously, it is quite exciting when you first make a resolution, a commitment to change. The adrenaline is rushing through the veins. Anything is possible. Therefore nothing is going to stop you. Life is changing from this moment forward.

Then life sets in. The adrenaline slows to a stop. The reality of daily discipline sets in. The actuality of making different choices is not as easy as we ideally thought in the beginning.

Change really is hard.

When we initially give our lives to Jesus we are full of excitement ready to take down satan. There is nothing that is going to stop us. but the enthusiasm begins to wane after a brief time. Each day we need to surrender so we remain close to God.

Praying “God, Your Will be done” requires initially surrendering to God followed by a daily surrendering to remain close to Him. Sin tempts us to turn away from God. It is only by the continual surrender are we able to keep journeying with the Holy Spirit.

So, how do you remain surrendered to the Lord? What practice do you have to remind yourself that God is the Creator and we are the created?

Each of us need that daily practice which will humble us before Jesus. It gives us the eyes to see others as God sees them. It opens our hearts once again to love God and others authentically.

It is essential because our great enthusiasm at the beginning will wane down to zero. The enemy will toil to distract us if we do not remain humbly surrendered to the Lord. We cannot do it on our own.

Look towards your morning routine. What do you already do that will help you be surrendered before the Lord? Is there something you can add/change that will be the daily reminder?

As we daily surrender before God we will draw closer to Him. We will see more clearly how He is moving in the world and how He is leading us serve according to His Will.

This Week’s Challenge
Implement this week a morning practice so you daily surrender before God.
— Try morning yoga session to slow down. Repeat this saying, “God, I surrender myself to You fully today. God, Your Will be done.”

— Prayer time listening to God asking Him to open your eyes to see how He is moving in the world.

— Journal giving your whole self to God

First Surrendering to Jesus Christ

Following the Will of God is a humble step. It means that you are admitting you are not in control and that God is sovereign. But not one of us is capable of coming to this realization on our own. We come to it by the work of the Holy Spirit in our hearts.

It is in this initial surrender to God where we first become aligned in God’s Will. We acknowledge we are the created and God is the Creator. We bow before the Lord as humble servants.

So what does an initial surrender look like? How do you even know that you fully surrendered?

Surrendering for one can look like kneeling on one’s knees stating Jesus is Lord. For another it is confessing to a confident one’s sins and hearing God’s absolution (forgiveness).

Surrendering also is publicly stating that Jesus is the Lord and Savior of your life. It also publicly states you cannot redeem yourself. We all are in need of a Redeemer. We cannot earn of our salvation. It is only by surrendering to Jesus that we receive salvation.

And this is the greatest gift one can ever receive!

As we follow God’s leading we begin to see how God is moving in the world. We take the first steps in becoming aligned with God’s Will. We are admitting that we do not have all the answers. Only God does. As we do this we take a step closer to God.

As we go about our lives this week let us live in this complete surrender. Humbly seeking God’s Will setting aside our own. When we get up in the meaning we ask God what He will have us do, where we shall go. We ask for the Holy Spirit to give us the faith to trust and follow in step. In this we remain surrendered to the Lord seeking God’s Will in this world. 

This Week’s Challenge — As you pray this week ask God to help you to be fully surrendered, open to following the Holy Spirit humbly.

What does praying “God, Your Will Be Done” Truly Look Like?

How many times have you prayed the Lord’s Prayer saying the words but not really paying attention?  You were going through the motions just to get it done.

Don’t worry I have done it many times myself.  You’re not alone.

In this series we are studying the part, “God, Your Will be done.” We pray it but how well do we really understand what we are asking God in it? 

What does it look like practically when we say these words in our prayers?  

What are we actually asking God to do?

There is so much packed into this phrase.  We are turning to God the Father seeking for His plan to be done here on Earth.  We are not telling God what to do but rather, we are seeking to know what He is perfect plan is for us and the world.

We are submitting ourselves to His leadership, His authority.

As we authentically pray this petition we acknowledge an unawareness of the future while knowing God fully knows. We wrestle with our desire to be in control, aware of all of the details before we ever take a step forward.  As we open our hearts to the Holy Spirit we begin to discover God’s amazing plan.

In this series we will explore seeking God’s Will from a variety of perspectives. As we authentically pray for God’s Will we will study how we are transformed from the inside out.  As a result our own faith journeys are impacted on a daily basis. Our eyes become more fixed on Jesus to see where He is going and to learn at His feet. 

Even our perspective on seeing the world changes.  We do not see others as we have seen them. We begin to see others as God sees them.  

Each of these changes can only occur when we surrender ourselves wholly to God.  It is an initial surrender, one time event.  It is also a daily surrender.  A turning away from our past lives without Jesus to return to God alone.  

We do not seek God’s Will alone.  We seek it in community with fellow disciples of Jesus. We become united as one body.  We do not allow differences to separate us.  We can begin to see differences as opportunities to learn from each other about how God is moving in this world.

It is my prayer that as we embark on this exploration our eyes see anew what has been in front of us all along. May we draw closer to God and thereby one another as we surrender to God daily. The Holy Spirit is moving in this world. I pray we partake in the Spirit’s movement as God has called and equipped each of us to do so.

This Week’s Challenge

Pay this prayer in the morning as you begin your day:

“God, Your Will be done. Open my eyes to see where You are moving. Use me to further Your Kingdom here on Earth. Enable me to serve humbly and faithfully.  In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Throughout the day write down the times God has shown You His Will being done.